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Mazda guides still not correct?

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Really appreciate Matvey's info from this thread.  Made me double-check a few things.  I have a 2009 Mazda 5 and am using an EVO-ONE


1. Guide 24761 also shows the white wire from the main harness as the parking light wire.  Wondering if that is incorrect and should be updated to something else?


2. The CAN wires are also labelled incorrectly.  They should be the same as 22061.  I can send a pic to wirecolor to show this also if you want
asked Mar 12, 2016 in Mazda by Joshua Swenson (920 points)
edited Mar 14, 2016 by Joshua Swenson

1 Answer

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Hello Mr. Swenson,

1. The White wire is configured(Fucntion 31 Mode 4) to be a Parking Light(+) output so that is correct on the guide.

2. The CAN wires, depending on which way you are looking at the OBDII Connector is also correct. We normally display pinouts as if you are holding the connector and the wires are coming out towards you.

You must look for a twisted pair, however, if you have pictures of the CAN wires, it would be appreciated if you can send it over at support@ifar.ca

Thank you...
answered Mar 14, 2016 by Mukesh Patel (1,640 points)
Forgive my ignorance because I left my printouts at home, but I'm not sure if wirecolor shows the correct wire for the Accessory hookup.  Accordibng to Alldata, ACC is violet and it shows up on the picture but it wasn't listed as needing a connection?
What is the vehicle? I beleive, according to the guide numbers you have provided, Accessory is required.
My fault for not providing that info previously.  It's a 2009 Mazda 5
No Problem.

Yes, Accessory is required and it is a Black/Red wire on the main ignition harness.
And that's what is confusing to me is that Alldata shows Black/Red as Ignition 2

That ignition2 wire acts like both ignition and accessory. Meaning, if you test it,  it will turn on (12v) when the key is in the IGN/RUN position like a normal ignition wire, but will cut off during crank like an Accessory signal.


If powered up as an ignition instead of an accessory, this will cause extra current draw on the battery during crank since this is what powers up your A/C, heater, wipers etc...


When you start with the key, the black.red wire will drop out to reduce the strain on the battery during crank. This is why we list it as an accessory.
Gotcha.  Super helpful info.  Thanks as always Robert and Mukesh


Am I correct that 24761 is a generic guide right now and not vehicle-specific?  And if it is generic, any chance of a newer one coming out sometime soon?