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2013 F150 EVO-ALL, added SmartStart but lock/unlock doesn't work

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Everything works great using the fob itself (OEM) and I have it setup for lock-unlock-lock

SmartStart VSM300 installed today, flashed to activate RF unit in EVO-ALL.

SmartStart unit starts the truck fine, but the lock/unlock does not work through the app/smartstart.

it appears to "send" the command for the lock/unlock, but it does not lock/unlock without doing it on the OEM FOB.

Any thoughts?


That said, could this be because I DO NOT have the wires tapped at the BCM for lock, unlock and the door pin? It didn't say they were required connections on the basic (use OEM fob) install. However, are they required to get the SmartStart/RF unit to lock/unlock the truck?


asked Mar 7, 2016 in Ford by Joe Allison (190 points)

1 Answer

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you will need to hookup lock/unlock from the evo to the vehicle to have lock control with the smartstart
answered Mar 7, 2016 by Adam Pepin (10,150 points)
So add the lock:unlock wires as instructed to the BCM on the truck. Might as well add the door pin at the same time. What about the "panic" function through smartstart? What is needed to make that work?

As far as programming, I can retain my setup as lock:unlock:lock on the OEM remote and still have smartstart capability (I like avoiding the horn every time I'd go to start with fob)?


Thar should be it then? Everything else will work/control through the smartstart and d2d connection then (I noticed the smartstart can be set on up analog and had some analog wires).

Have to tell you, you guys have an awesome product here! You need your own "smartstart"!
At the moment panic is not available throught smart start. Don't go analog, just connect lock unlock and driver doorpin to the bcm and everything will work perfectly.
Got it! I will do that.


Will panic be be added at a later time?

Could one say...add a function (I.e. LED light bar on) as a function through the Aux channels on the smartstart? Just curious!


You cannot access the AUX with this type of install AFAIK. You would require different hardware.


We wire up "remote hard-kill" and "remote throttle shutdown" sometimes.

Hard kill creates a permanent start kill option that can ONLY be activated and deactivated via smart start. SO even if someone steals your keys it wont start.


Remote throttle shutdown causes the vehicle to go to idle, regardless of throttle pedal position. So if truck is stolen, it will not shut off the engine at speed (thus losing power steering and brakes) but it WILL stop the thief from going any faster than idle!




But not to get your hopes up as that isnt happening on your current install.

Oh, and Panic? Whats that? in 24 years of doing starters, I can probably count on 3 fingers how many customers actually were concerned about having it.