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Key ignition start won't work

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Hi, i installed evo-one with t-harness to 2012 civic and seems like everything is working except the key ignition. The car power comes on but it doesn't crank. What could be the problem?


Things that works:
OEM x3 Lock
When car is remote started, remote is operable
Brake to shut off engine
engine shuts off after 15min idle
Car turns off when I take the key out from the car
asked Feb 2, 2016 in Honda by Sang Kim (330 points)

1 Answer

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The car does not start with the key but works with the remote starter ?

Verify the large white connector of the t-harness, look for a pin that make have popped out of the connector.
answered Feb 2, 2016 by Sang Kim (85,070 points)
selected Feb 2, 2016 by Sang Kim
Yeah, i found a pin that popped out inside the plug. Now the key ignition works.

Thanks a lot!