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seems to have programmed, won't remote start

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Hi, I was installing my CHRT-4 today and followed the instructions to the letter as well as a video on youtube (which matched the directions) once installed and programming, I got the rapid flashing blue LEDs as if all was programmed. I then tried to remote start the van but it doesn't do anything. I tried repeating the process with the same result... suggestions?
asked Jan 28, 2016 in Dodge by Jason Burt (180 points)

1 Answer

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Do this test for me...

Take the Dark Blue wire(a8) on the 20 pin connector and put it to ground.

Tell me what the LED's on the evo module do...I have a suspicion the module may not be in stand alone and this will confirm whether it is or not.
answered Jan 28, 2016 by derek ! (277,630 points)
selected Feb 4, 2016 by derek !
oh, i said that out of order... i selected to update firmware and it told me to click flash...once that was done updating, it let me change my C1 and D1 then i clicked save... that's when i ended up with the current state.  it is connected, all looks good but the red light is flashing on the evo and the blue light is flashing on the flash link... just need to confirm that it's done copying files and that i can click "quit" then disconnect the unit.
yup at that point it is finished. click quite and unplug the evo-all.

You will have to re program the module if you have flashed a different firmware.

i checked the service nubmer all looks well for stand alone.
great!  Thank you for all your help.  Sorry if I was a pain trying to get it done!  I'll try to install it in the van after lunch and program it. I feel good about it though. I think you nailed it!  I'll post here again and let you know the results!
All done! Thank you so much! It programmed and worked first try after going through all that this morning.  Excellent service you guys provide! Have a great week!
3 pointer!!! lol

Glad to hear you got it all fixed up!



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