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installer says that Key-override-all is defective

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I had a rs-160-edp+ v-2.0 installed by a local insaller and he is telling me that the key-overide-all is causing my 2009 ford escape hybrid to resart and that it is defective and I need to replace it .  The vehicle wil lsart but it stops runing after about ten seconds and then restarts.
asked Jan 17, 2016 in Ford by Jason R Allen (190 points)

1 Answer

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Doesn't sound like a transponder issue. In those 10 seconds does the engine start or vehicle is only in ready mode ?
answered Jan 18, 2016 by Mathieu Bertrand Colin (85,100 points)
It starts again and then shuts down and does this 3 times.
I haven't seen the vehicle and your installer did so pretty hard to say but with the information you are giving me I don't think the key override all is the problem here.

If the car doesn't see transponder it would not start at all.
place the key in the IGN and remote start.. does car stay running?


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