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Stop working Audi A3 2011

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I install evo-all and a remote starter in a 2011 Audi a3. It works fine. 2 days after the remote doesn't work anymore. I tried it and manage to make it works with the key near the cylinder. Can the evo-all loose its key programation ?

Can i see what is wrong looking at the colored led on the EVO-ALL. Should i reset it and reprogrammed it?

Do i need to plug it back to the flash-link programmer?

Thank you
asked Jan 8, 2016 in Audi by luc ostiguy (830 points)

2 Answers

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If it has stopped working this would mean something has happended with the intergrity of your key wrap i would think...I would take a look their to ensure its proper. If you short the two wires together at the 2 pin connector you should be able to remote start the vehicle, if you cant then your key wrap is no good...does the evo all power up when trying to remote start? Red led should be on...?
answered Jan 8, 2016 by Derek (151,080 points)
in the intallation document, for an Audi 2011 A3 there is no need for an extra Key ?


As it states here a key is required for bypass.

Also on page 6 of the guide it shows you how to do the key wrap... on connection 2 it says audi remote starter instalation (key control) this has to be done for your vehicle.

Connection 2 is for audi a4, connection 1 is for A3. Perhaps they forgot to put the information.

Thank you i will try
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The Evo-All does not do immobilizer bypass in this vehicle, a "oem key" is used in a key wrap, it could be that your key wrap needs more turns of wire around the key or the ignition barrel,


Thank you,
answered Jan 8, 2016 by Rico (52,090 points)
In Guide 3035 there no mention of use of an extra key
There is also no mention of the EVOALL doing transponder bypass for this vehicle.

All Audi/VW vehicle require a key for remote start operation.