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EVO One and FRS issues

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In short my goal is to make the lock x3 work for me but the module is not sending any power from the main 6 pin harness as it should.

I have a 2015 Scion FRS with PTS and after a full day I figured out that no matter how many times I try the dcrytor didn't take the immobilizer data as a 2015 FRS. After some self troubleshooting I found out that I can get it to work if I put it down as a 2014 or 2015 Subaru BRZ with PTS. After going through all the steps and putting the EVO One back in the car it turns the yellow LED when in the ignition but does not do anything when trying to use the valet button, no horn no park lights and yes they are wired correctly and check with a multimeter to ensure the module is getting the signals. The blue LED does blink when I press the press the lock and unlock from my factory FOB but more strangely the factory alarm doesn't work anymore, if I click lock button on the FOB and manually open the door the alarm doesn't go off, it does nothing. The car does turn on fine apart of now having the airbag light on. This is driving me crazy and tech support hasn't been able to help much, they say "there's no reason it shouldn't work" I have double and tripled check the wiring and all connections are on the factory wires directly and securely. I can't find any info on this module being used on a BRZ or FRS so I'm starting to question the true compatibility or is there something wrong with this particular module. The AX-One is the same as the EVO One right?
asked Dec 31, 2015 in Scion by losmt2 (290 points)
edited Dec 31, 2015 by losmt2

1 Answer

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Yes EVOONE and AXONE is pretty much the same brain.

I personnaly did this vehicle a couple times. From what I know FRS and BRZ does not have a factory alarm, never seen one that have OEM alarm.

Your airbag light is on if you have disconnected the airbag light in the center console (passenger airbag off) and turned the ignition on while it was disconnected. You might need the dealer scan tool to turn this one off.

From looking at your service number I see that the bypass side of the module looks somehow corrupted : http://fortin.ca/en/support/002b02046373/#

I recommend you flash the software again on the bypass side and make sure your turn on "OEM Remote Monitoring" and "Push to start".

Is your vehicle standard transmission or automatic ?
answered Dec 31, 2015 by losmt2 (85,070 points)
I just looked at your other thread and saw that you have standard transmission.

For the starter to work on a manual transmission vehicle you will have to enable option 32 to mode 2 on the remote starter side of the module.

Every time you leave the vehicle you will have to engage ready mode. Do the following :

- Start vehicle with the push button as you normally do. Make sure all doors are closed.

- Release the handbrake and hold the brake.

- Pull the handbrake and 1 second after release the footbrake.

- RED led on the AXONE should come on.

- Don't turn off car ignition, leave the vehicle.

- After closing the driver door, engine should turn off.


You can now try the 3x lock start.
How can you tell the bypass is corrupted? Sometimes when I updating the module after taking the module kicks off the connection right before the last flash but I always redo the dcryptor parts before updating and having the last flash go in one take.

As far as the factory alarms I see pretty much all cars these days with the similar set up where if the door is open with yout authoerization the horn goes off. Like if you smash the glass and open the door or pry the door and opening it via flipping the lock itself or hitting the unlock button without the key being present. But anyways I'll try the last thing you mention. Tech support today said "it's impposible for the lock lock lock to work with a manual transmission without an RF kit" I knew that couldn't be true cause my friend has a Evo All on this manual 370z. He said it was a saft hazzard which it is but also is a remote start on a manual trans. I over come that hazzard by using the neutral position singal from the trans to make sure it only starts in nuetral. The guy told me to test the fuction but cutting the loop to make it think its a auto btw which didn't do anything.

So to make sure I understand is I have to leave the car in ready mode for me to remote start the car the next time? I still find it strange the valet button isn't doing anything

The service number tells us everything. you can look here: http://fortin.ca/en/support/002b02046373/#


Right now there is remote starter firmware loaded into the BYPASS portion of the evo-one. 


This is why you are getting disconnect errors.


The EVO-ONE is two modules in one. A remote starter module and a bypass module. 


When flashing firmware on the bypass side, it must say Connection Mode: Bypass on the bottom right of the Flash-Link Manager screen. If it says Connection Mode: Remote Starter. you must hit the TOGGLE button to swap over to the other mode. 

The entire proper installation is on page 4. There are no neutral safety switch connections needed. : http://fortin.ca/download/35081/evo-one_subaru_brz_pts_2013-2015_35081_d20151006.pdf

You need to enable ready mode/reservation mode everytime you leave the vehicle if you want to be able to remote start it later on that day. This is part of the safety for manual vehicles that guarantees the vehicle is always in neutral. Opening a door after ready mode was enabled, will cancel it.


and.... i would like to mention this

Tech support today said "it's impposible for the lock lock lock to work with a manual transmission without an RF kit" I knew that couldn't be true cause my friend has a Evo All on this manual 370z

It's illegal and extremely dangerous to use the EVO-ALL as a stand alone remote starter for 3xLOCK start on ANY manual transmission vehicle. The EVO-ALL stand alone remote starter mode is for Automatic vehicles only. Using the EVO-ALL as just a bypass module in conjunction with a separate remote starter that is manual transmission compatble is perfectly fine.  EVO-ONE is also perfectly fine on a manual transmission vehicle when installed properly.

I reflashed it and does the same thing, it goes through all the programming stages fine but when it goes back in the car it doesn't seem to respond. The valet buton should at least respond when I turn the ignition on and hold the valet button right?

Blue LED flashed when click lock/unlock on fob
Yellow LED on while in IGN
On option 33.2