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I purchased an EVO-CHRT4 for my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan will I need a bypass for the Sentry Key Imobilizer?

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Before tearing into my Dash I've been cautiously reading about the connectors and bypasses and everything and not sure I have evertying I need.  I've got the harness fixed with the proper wires cut and spliced. (yellow from the 20-pin to the yellow coming out of the harness and yello/green from the red connector to yellow between the T) so I think I'm ready.  But now I'm reading about the Sentry Key Imobilizer that will shut off the engine if the key isn't detected and see in the owner's manual that it states "The Sentry Key Immobilizer system is not compatible with some after-market remote starting systems. Use of these systems may result in vehicle starting problems and loss of security protection."  Will this product bypass that Sentry Key Immobilizer system and allow the remote start to work?
asked Dec 29, 2015 in Dodge by Phil Boedeker (210 points)

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First disconnect your yellow to yellow connection. Its either one or the other. not both. seeing as your car is a 2010 you make the yellow/green to the yellow wire you cut on the male side of the plug from the t-harness and tape up the loose end of the cut wire going into the t-harness.

Once programmed in the vehicle following the programming in the guide you will have no issue remote starting the vehicle. We replicate the codes of the key to bypass the immobilizer.
answered Dec 30, 2015 by derek ! (284,720 points)
selected Jan 15, 2016 by Robert T
I disconnected my yellow to yellow connection.  I then connected the yellow/green to the yellow wire I cut on the male side of the plug from the t-harness.  I also taped the loose end of the cut wire going into the t-harness.

Couldn't get the device to program.  Purchaed the Fortin Flash Link Updater thinking that was the problem.  Disconnected the devide and plugged everything back in to update the firmware.  

The STATUS page says EVO-ALL Hardware version 6 Firmware version 74.22 Vehicle Dodge Grand Caravan 2010.  The flash-link update says Hardware version 3 Firmware version 3.03.  

Under UPDATES tab it comes up with 74.22 as "Recommended Update".  I selected it. Then clicked on "Flash.  light on Flash-Link turned Blue while Unit showed "Flashing".  100% complete and computer says EVO-ALL update successful.  The blue light on the Flash-Link device is flashing and the red light on the EVO-ALL is flashing in sync.  Computer screen is gray and mouse is spinning like it is still running.

I left it this way for 15 minutes and nothing changed.  So I unplugged the EVO-ALL and re-installed it in my car.  No luck.  When I press the program button and plug it in on the car it just flashes red, yellow, blue, blue & red, blue, and then cycles back through that.  It never turns solid blue to indicate that the programming is complete.  I tried releasing the program button during the cycle when it was blue but that didn't work either.  It did stay solid blue but when I put the key in and turned it to the ON position the blue light did not flash it just stayed solid blue.

What next?

Re connect your yellow to yellow. This has to be done as well as yellow/green to ignition harness.

You need to hold programming button and insert 4 pin release the programming button on the blue led...then continue with programming as shwon on page 5 of the guide...

The module has to be programmed in the vehicle not on the computer....Here is a link to the guide for your vehicle programming is shown on page 5.


OK.  The only thing I was missing was reconnecting the yellow to yellow.  Now I can successfully program in car.  I pushed in the program button, connected the data link plug and released the button when the light was blue.  It remained on as expected.  I then put the key in and turned it to on and all three lights began to flash on the unit which is what it says it should do.  I then turned the key back off and removed it.  The lights continued to flash.  I pressed the lock button once and the lights all went off.

Now I press the lock button three times (each time the blue light flashes on), but then nothing happens.  The car does not start.
Option C1 needs to be ON for 3xlock to work, please enable this option using the Flaslink updater-2 (sold separately) and Flashlink Manager


You can still test if the rest of the connections are good by pulsing a ground to the yellow/black wire in the 20 pin connector. after pulsing this wire, the red led should light up then  ignition should light up and the vehicle should start, red and yellow led should be on at this time.


Thank you,
And there was great rejoicing!

Thank you very much for your assistance.  The remote start is now working.