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Flash Link2 Unable to connect to EVO-ALL (red light goes dim)

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Upon connecting my Flash Link2 to my first and only Fortin Interface module (EVO-ALL) I was disheartened when the flash link was unable to communicate with the Interface Module. Furthermore when the EVO-ALL is connected to the Flash Link2, the RED indicator LED on the Flash Link2 goes dim, and the computer indicates that the Flash Link2 has disconnected.
If I unplug the EVO-ALL from the Flash Link2 the RED indicator LED becomes bright again, and the computer indicates that the USB connection to the Flash Link2 has been re-established.
I contacted telephone support (English) and was instructed to reinstall the software to the Flash Link2. I have tried this on both company machines and my personal PC with the same results as described above.
Any help would be appreciated, Thank you in advance.
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asked Dec 28, 2015 in FAQ by Will B. (210 points)
closed Dec 29, 2015 by Will B.

1 Answer

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Turns out the module was used, and had been damaged. Sent the module back for a refund, thanks to customer service i was able to determine that the unit had already been programmed to another car.
answered Dec 29, 2015 by Will B. (210 points)