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evo one and rf642w scion iq

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Bought for remote start and wire up using the manual for "G" key of which is only one. Keys have absolutely no markings on them. Find out car does not have immobilizer. Don't think evo-one is getting programmed as the led's don't do as they should in steps 4 and 5. Could not get programmed for factory remote. Bought the rf642w kit and still no go. Everything is extremely vague about any programming and have tried numerous different ways. Knowing that there is no factory security I'm trying to use system for remote start and alarm functions.
asked Dec 20, 2015 in Scion by james gaviglio (190 points)

1 Answer

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Never saw this vehicle without immobilizer, this is why your programming is not working.

Try this way :

Press programing button and connect main harness 6 pin connection.

Release when the blue LED is on alone.

Turn ignition ON

When the blue LED flash rapidly, turn ignition off.
answered Dec 21, 2015 by Mathieu Bertrand Colin (85,070 points)
selected Dec 22, 2015 by james gaviglio
Performed this action and at first didn't work. Remember reading you need to always reset the unit and I did. Went in and programmed flawlessly.


Thank you very much