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2012 Outlander Sport PTS will not start after installation

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I installed an Evo-One (AX-One) in my wife's 2012 Outlander Sport.  After after all the wiring was complete, I went to program the unit as per the directions only to find that vehicle will not start.  It will not turn on.  The car will not acknowledge the Push-To-Start button.  Pressing the button only a yields a red back light, there are no other chimes and the display doesn't light up.  I reconnected the CAN wires that were cut and the vehicle powers up and starts fine.  I went back over the wiring diagram, tried again, and still had no sucess.  Is there something that I could be missing?  Has anyone else heard of this issue?
asked Dec 17, 2015 in Mitsubishi by jetskiman98 (140 points)

1 Answer

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If the vehicle does not start i would suspect either a fuse was popped during installation, or you shorted a wire somewhere during the installation, or an incorrect connection was made to the vehicle. Did you test all connections before making them? With the connections we make in this vehicle their is no way we would prevent the vehicle from starting. Would look over the vehicle again and ensure one of the above conditions hasn't happened.

Side note, looked at the service number provided....someone flashed the bypass with remote starter firmware. This is a problem for sure ( still not why you car isnt starting normally though)...This module needs to have the bypass re flashed with correct firmware, ensure you are in connection mode bypass when you are flashing the bypass.
answered Dec 17, 2015 by Derek (156,250 points)
When proramming the red  connector must be connected to the AX-ONE. If you have missed a connection or inverted wires when doing the can connection, this is exactly the problem you will have.
^^----this guy knows his stuff!!!