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EVO-ALL and CrimeStopper/Viper remote Start

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I am looking to buy/install a simple remote start system with good range and 2-way remotes. My wife needs to start her car at a distance of about 1800-2000ft. We have a 2013 Lexus RX450H (Hybird). I know the EVO-ALL and Flashlink are needed....BUT what remote kit is best? One button remotes are preferred for us, but not 100% needed. Am i best to use the Fortin RF642W Remote kit OR an aftermarket kit?

For aftermarket i was looking at the Viper 4203V Responder One 2way Remote start OR the Crimestopper RS2-G3. With these aftermarket kits what wires need to be connected? Data port and ?

asked Dec 1, 2015 in Lexus by Rick Ziller (170 points)

1 Answer

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You can use either of those remote starter in conjunction with the evo all. Or you could use the Evo-One which is a bypass and remote start in one. You would require an RF Kit (sold sepearately) in addition to the Evo-One. As well as the flash link updater 2 as you previously mentioned.

As far as what wires to connect you need to simply follow the guide listed on fortin.ca for your vehicle it will show you what goes were. Bring a multi meter and test before just connecting.
answered Dec 1, 2015 by Derek (151,080 points)
I did not see a guide on fortin.ca that showed connection of the EVO-ALL with an aftermarket unit.

Am i mistaken, but i thought the new version EVO-ALL was a remote start/bypass in one unit (for LV start needs such as a hybrid).

Yes the Evo-All can be used as a stand alone unit in your application. If you purchase a RF Kit then yes the range can be extended. Check the rf compatibility list here for evo-all. http://fortin.ca/en/technology/rf_kits.html