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Can I trigger aux1(rear defrost) using the trunk release on my OEM key fob?

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The yellow/black wire that comes from the 20pin connector on the EVO-ONE is labeld as "trunk release(output)" in the manual. This is the same wire I am suppose to use to trigger an auxillary accesory such as my rear defrost(which is what I wan to do).

Does this mean I can use the trunk release button on my OEM fob to trigger the rear defrost? I'm hopping it will trigger the defrost if the car is running without opening my trunk and then go back to only opening my trunk when the car is off.
asked Nov 29, 2015 in Nissan by Bill W (1,850 points)

1 Answer

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I would suggest using option 39. This will automatically trigger when remote started and the outside temperature is below -5 C.

Im actually working on my own car at the moment and can test that question about the yellow/black pulsing on trunk release form the oem remote. I dont see why this would be possible though since the OEM trunk button will just unlock the trunk no matter what. The yellow/black i am pretty sure outputs from only aftermarket remotes.
answered Nov 29, 2015 by Robert T (284,390 points)
I'd rather just trigger it myself since i rarely need the rear defrost...if I need an aftermarket remote to trigger an aux(like I originally thought I would need if I wanted to do this until I saw the my trigger line labeled as "trunk release(output)"), then i will have to just live with this option on to trigger it. I'm not going to carry 2 remotes and I won't sacrifice my smart key for an aftermarket fob or rf kit.


Let me know what you find out...it is greatly apreciated. You have helped a great deal...I'll get back to the intellikey thing later(thanks there too).
I forgot my old 2002 winter beater cannot monitor the oem remotes so that test failed.

Either way, if the blue led LED is not flashing when pressing the trunk button there is no way that the yellow/black would trigger off the OEM remote commands.

When enabling option 25 to use the yellow/black as an AUX instead of trunk release (to do rear defrost control or whatever else), it actually triggers by pressing AUX->Lock on the aftermarket remote.