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Lock and brake status not working through datalink

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I've already solved this problem, but found this to be an excellent forum for remote start questions so I'm writing this in order to help others that may run into the same problem I did.

Installed a Crimestopper RS7-G5 with an EVO-ALL.  Remote start, unlock, even the tailgate open worked fine, but there were two problems:

Pressing lock on the Crimestopper remote would lock and immediately unlock the doors; brake status wasn't being received by the Crimestopper (so the remote start couldn't be cancelled by pressing the froot brake).

Tested grouding the purple wire on the EVO-ALL to confirm that it properly controlled the locks.  That worked as expected so the problem was in the Crimestopper.

After a bunch of messing around and reading other questions here, I set the option on the Crimestopper to use the Fortin DataLink protocol.  The default option is supposed to already be set to the Fortin protocol, but for some reason, this Crimstopper unit was incorrect from the factory.

(This might be the same problem as posted in this question, but that question was never fully resolved.)

asked Nov 16, 2015 in FAQ by Nick Schaf (420 points)

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The answer is in the question - if you have some things working and some things not working through datalink, try configuring the remote start system to use the Fortin DataLink protocol, even if you think it already is.
answered Nov 16, 2015 by Nick Schaf (420 points)
Hey Nick, Just want to clarify.  I primarily use Autostart remote starters (ex: as-1780) with and EVO-ALL.  Lately I have been having similar issues on installations where certain things will not work. I have always used the "BLACK" D2D (ADS/FORTIN) connection on the back of the autostart and left the bypass option (mode 4, func 4, opt 2) on "Xpresskit 2 way D2D" as instructed by tech support, recently It was shown to me that I should be using the "RED D2D" (Xpresskit), so i have been using it this way.  Now, should I be trying "Fortin 1 way D2D" protocol on the Autostart? (mode4, func 4, opt 3) Thanks, Mike.


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