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i am unable to program the bypass to work with my 2006 dodge caravan

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hello i have a fortin evo-all interface module and when i press the programming botton and plug it in the blue light comes on and when i turn the key on all the lights go out and it wont let me program the module. the service # is 001a06222997 firmware version 4.18 hardware version 6. i was wondering if you could tell me if this is the wrong module or help me in figuring out why it wont program
asked Dec 15, 2013 in Dodge by johan loewen (180 points)

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HI Johan,

You have the right module, but for this particular application you will have to change the firmware to v4.06. You will need a Flash link updater to do this, along with the manager program(free to download on www.ifar.ca). Once updated you will need to reset the module by plugging it in and letting go on red. Once red, press the programming button down for approx. 5 sec untill all the led's flash. Unplug the EVO-ALL.  Then you may proceed to regrogram the EVO-ALL to your vehicle by plugging it in and following the recommended programming procedure.
answered Dec 17, 2013 by johan loewen (8,270 points)
selected Dec 17, 2013 by Robb