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Evo-One with Drone mobile

+4 votes
Hi I have a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart with fast key and was wondering if the Evo-One will work with the Drone Mobile DR-3400? Thanks
asked Nov 9, 2015 in Mitsubishi by Chonsophanat Long (280 points)
retagged Nov 10, 2015 by Chonsophanat Long

2 Answers

+3 votes
The compustar drone will be compatible with our product very shortly!
answered Nov 9, 2015 by derek ! (277,630 points)
Ok thanks. Is there anyway I can be notified when it is compatible?
We tend to release things on Fridays. I don't think there will be a press release or email release of this so...  once a setup guide is available here : https://fortin.ca/en/technology/rf_kits.html
+3 votes
answered Dec 11, 2015 by Robert T (280,060 points)
Where and How do I Flash EVO-ONE Remote Starter side to 0.50.

Trying to use Drone on EVO-ONE Cant seem to Find the firmware
toggle flash link into remote starter mode which willl be indicated in lower right hand conrner. Then once module is plugged in go to evo-one updates and scroll down select 0.50 then select the green flash button. Once its completed unplug the module and it is ready to go!
Since this works on the Evo-One, can I assume this will work with the Evo-All as well?
not compatible with EVO-ALL
So with the EVO-ONE, if I add the Drone, I can only use it for the alarm functions on my phone and not the remote start feature as well?  I want to be able to have full functionality of the drone system with the EVO-ONE so I can start/stop my car from anywhere, geo-locate, etc., but the press release talks only 2 way communication for alarm functions.

I have a 2012 Honda Civic with EVO-ONE and T-harness looking to add a Drone DR3400 module.


Drone is fully compatible including start function




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