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Evo-One - Push To Start - No Valet Switch Included - No Idle Mode? (Run Into Store For 1 Min?)

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Like mentioned above.



I have a Push-To-Start vehicle.

I use my OEM Remote for remote start activation.

I have an Evo-One properly installed and working fine.



*** No valet switch was provided with the Evo-One unit.


Being this is a push-to-start vehicle, is there such a thing as "Idle Mode?" (Leave engine running, get out of car, lock doors with engine running)


1 - The OEM Remote becomes inoperable while the engine is running in normal mode, as it should.

2 - Pushing the Engine Start/Stop button while the engine is running in normal mode stops the engine, as it should.


Am I missing something here?

Would the addition of a valet button make "idle mode" operational?

Or is "idle mode" not supported with push-to-start vehicles?


Thank you very much!


Love your products!
asked Nov 7, 2015 in Remote Starters by john rizzo (230 points)

1 Answer

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There is a valet switch ( small black push button ) provided with every EVOONE that connect to the 2 pin white connector.

We support idle mode on most push to start vehicle what vehicle are you doing ?
answered Nov 7, 2015 by Mathieu Bertrand Colin (85,070 points)
Also, are you using EVOONE with an aftermarket RFKIT or you are using 3x lock ?

Thanks for the quick answer Mathieu.


I am using the OEM Smart Key only. (3X Lock)

2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4 L

PTS Ignition

Automatic Transmission (Forgot To Mention That)



Unfortunately, no "Valet switch" was provided in the box, so it was not installed.



Provided I did have (or get my hands on) a valet switch...


What would be the procedure be to enter idle mode with just a:

1 - Smart Key, (which is inoperable while the engine is in running in normal driving mode)

2 - Valet Switch

3 - Brake Pedal


4 - Engine Start/Stop Button (which stops the engine under normal operating conditions)

may I ask?


Thanks again.

You will have to program, on the remote starter side, OPTION 32 MODE 2.

After this is programmed the sequence will be :

- All doors closed and engine running.
- Push and hold footbrake, engage park brake, release foot brake
- Doors will unlock and parking lights will come on, you are in idle mode.

I have never tried the feature myself, very few people use idle mode. Let me know if it solve your problem.


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