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Installed evo one found out car doesn't have a chip.

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Have a 2012 Toyota Sienna. I installed a evo one and have a crimestopper revo4 rf kit. After installation I found out the car doesn't have an immobilizer. How can I program the module to start the car regardless?? This car doesn't have the G key or push to start.
asked Oct 24, 2015 in Toyota by Peter Paryzki (190 points)
retagged Oct 26, 2015 by Robert T

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Hold programming button while connecting 6 pin power harness.

Release when LED is blue.

Turn ignition ON and wait for blue LED to flash.

When it flashes, turn ignition OFF.
answered Oct 25, 2015 by Robert T (85,190 points)
selected Oct 27, 2015 by Robert T
Hello, thank you for the response. I tried programming with blue led as per suggestion but all I get is blue led shutting off with key in the on position then coming back on steady with key off. Anything else I can try?

Thank You
You still need to connect Can-Hi and Can-Lo. If they are connected, make sure they are not reversed.
Alright just checked and Can-Hi and Can-Lo are connected properly. Anything else I can try before giving up? Everything is wired as per G key instructions.

Thanks guys
This vehicle can take up to 10 seconds before blue led flash. Wait with the ignition on.

What's the voltage on your can wires ?

you guys are life savers! I did have the Can wires reversed:(

Last question is once I program the revo 4 remotes how will the car lock or unlock if I didn't wire any lock/unlock wires from the EVO one? Also can I connect the EVO to honk horn upon start or lock/unlock?

Thank You!
for door lock control you will need to connect that data door lock connection outlined in the guide.

horn confirmation can be done with lock-unlock by connecting the horn output of the evo-one to the appropriate wire in the vehicle. Also, take a look at the option settings for the evo-one (the ones that came in the box, there's about 39 different options), in there, you can find different options for horn control.

(option 11 is to set how you when and if you want the horn to honk)
Great. Thank you very much.