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Outlander GT Canada

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I used the guide 28911 and blue light will shut off during the programming.. I doubled check all the wiring and they are all good. I used Crime stopper LC pro as my remote starter.

Update (3:12pm)

I tried to disconnect the red connector and can connector to see if thats the one that causing the problem. The only connector left is the data (4 pin) and the main harness which it use only 3 wires (yellow - ignition, dr blue-GWR and Orange black for grn). I tried to disconnect the dr blue and orange black just to see if that two wire is causing the problem and still the same. SO basically it's just the data and the ignition wire plug (yellow). Still the LED (Blue) shut off everytime I turn the car to ignition.

Any advice?


Note: I also tried to downgrade and updgrade the module if different firmware version and still same result.
asked Oct 18, 2015 in Mitsubishi by Kristofer Tucay (190 points)
edited Oct 18, 2015 by Kristofer Tucay

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The blue light is for can bus communication.  Make certain your can bus connections are good. At what point of the programming procedure do you loose the blue led?  Did you hardwire you evo-remote starter connections or are you using data?  I'm assuming hardwire based on your evo settings.  If you click on you highlighted service number for the evo, you will see that you not have foot brake monitoring (A7) turned on.  My PTS car needs to see the brake pedal pressed before the start button is pushed.  Maybe this is causing a problem for you. Pay attention to how many times you have to push the PTS button also to insure you are actually turning off the ignition, sometimes you have to push it twice from the "on" state to fully turn it off. My ford has to be pushed twice (without brake pedal pressing) to turn on the ignition and 2 times to turn it fully off.


I dont think you are updated to the recommended firmware for the vehcle either.  https://fortin.ca/download/28911/evo-all_mitsushioutlander2014pts_d20150217.pdf

answered Oct 18, 2015 by Darren hynes (2,950 points)
edited Oct 18, 2015 by Darren hynes

the take-over procedure is written in the guide under, "Remote Starter Functionality".

With the doors closed,

  1. Remote start the car
  2. press unlock to enter the vehicle
  3. press the vehicles Push-to-Start button 2 times
  4. press the brake and drive away
Thanks Robert... Thats nice..


How anout the electrical maintenance require in the first 5 second?

Anybody encounter this before?
Forgot about that electrical issue indicator. This is actually normal on many push-to-start vehicles since the physical smart key is not in the car. Once it's in the car, and take-over is done, that indicator should fade away into the abyss.


Hope this helps!
thanks Robert.. At least I have something to report to my wife.. lol

Thanks again
haha, no problem!