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2014 grand caravan T harness

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I installed a 2014 grand caravan with evo all T harness and compustar cm 800. after programming, I can lock and unlock. but I tried many times to learn tach but failed. I changed seting from tachless to tach in starter brain. connection I made are +12v parkling light and ground. ignition and +12v connected in harness according  to the diagram. D2D mode.  the light was correct when programming.

I read cm800 install manual again. it says it support idata protocol. is that the means that  cm800 doesn't support fortin 2 way d2d mode? it can tell evo all of door lock and unlock. but doesn't read foot brake and tach stauts?
asked Oct 18, 2015 in Dodge by allen yu (160 points)
edited Oct 18, 2015 by allen yu

3 Answers

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what is the service number of your evo? if the protocol is not correct the resulting signals sent from the evo may not be interpreted correctly by the cm800. You have to match the evo to the default setting of the cm800.
answered Oct 18, 2015 by Darren hynes (2,950 points)
+2 votes

Set your compustar to ADS datalink protocol and then set the EVO-ALL datalink option to, F2- AP-OFA datalink.

The only remote starters i have seen offer only 1-way datalink is a localy sold Autostart brand.

answered Oct 19, 2015 by Robb (201,550 points)
+1 vote
Leave your CM800 datalink protocol by default and enable option F2 in your EVOALL.
answered Oct 19, 2015 by Mathieu Bertrand Colin (85,070 points)


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