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Service Number

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The service # is 001a06234375

and I'm using the THAR-CHR6 harness
related to an answer for: 2013 Dodge Ram
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asked Nov 4, 2013 in Dodge by Ken Making (310 points)
closed Nov 4, 2013 by Robb

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Well you have the right firmware.


I'm trying to program my EVO-ALL for my 2013 Dodge Ram with the tip start key. After pressing the programming 4x and the light turns to solid yellow it says "insert key" and the light should turn to red.  I insert the key and nothing happens.  I've flashed the module to 74.09 and still nothing.  Any ideas?


Here is what is happening during the steps of programming.


Step 5:
- The module is looking for data.
- Verify that the light blue/black wire of the EVO is properly connected to the vehicles data wire which is the light blue/black on the T-Harness.
- Verify that the light blue and light blue/black were not accidentally reversed. Redo the connection
Step 6 & 7
- This is a simple 'pull key out and stick key back in' procedure, it cannot be done too fast. Please leave a 3 second pause between the steps.
Step 8: Can-Bus Programming
- The EVO is programming the CAN-BUS here. If the BLUE LED does not flash at this step, verify the CAN-Hi/Lo connections.


Step 9-10:
- Nothing special here, the BLUE LED will flash slowly confirming it is ready for the DCryptor.
As long as the previous steps went through properly, this part should really not be a problem. Do not forget to push "UnLock" on the factory remote.. If the vehicle has a regular metal shaft key, you will need to hit UnLock on the door switch.



answered Nov 4, 2013 by Robb (262,210 points)

hi I am from iraq I have divce fortin evo all cant update service 001A06743150