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AC shows on, but no compressor, 2013 Altima

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2013 Altima. Light on AC dial lights up under R.S. indicating its on, but the compressor doesn't kick on until the PTS button is tapped twice. Diagram shows (2) accessories, but only (1) ignition. I'm assuming this car has a 2nd. ign. that also has to be powered up to get the compressor to turn on (digging into it now) even though one isn't shown.

Which kind of leads me to my question. EVO-ALL with 72.18. I noticed there is a 72.19 download available. What does this change? (anything AC related, perhaps?)


Just wanted to get your thoughts as it might save me some time today.


ETA: I just took it apart and looked at everything. There are (2) accessory wires hooked up, as well as (2) ignition's. Matches guide# 7571 wire for wire. So what else is missing here?

asked Jun 4, 2015 in Nissan by CarStereoOneInc (2,270 points)
edited Jun 4, 2015 by CarStereoOneInc

1 Answer

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One of the issues i have seen so far with heating and AC is that it resets everytime you shut off the vehicle. This was caused by the PDI not being finish at the dealer.

Similarly, I have also seen a case where once remote started, the heating / ac wouldn't work. The reason was that they had to be one time set while remote started (without a smart key in the car). The vehicle was recognizing the remote starting as a key but had no presets set to it. (like how memory seats work)

Besides for the above, this may be similar to the old installations that used to be done on the PTS Nissan/Infiniti with the similar install of BCM + IPDM connections. It used to happen sometimes that the AC compressor was not turning on when remote starting. There was another accessory that needed to be powered at the IPDM. I have no reports of this on the newer 2013/2014 models though.

Note: To know if the compressor is on ACC or IGN, just put the AC all the way up then start the car up normally. If the compressor turns off during crank, then we know it's activated via Accessory.
answered Jun 4, 2015 by Robert T (279,840 points)
the (-)ignition and (-)start are used to power up the IPDM so that the relay for start/crank can operate.  (problem is not here, the car starts and stops)

the (+)ignition powers up the ignition and the inside of the car (problem is not here, the vehicle would technically crank but not start if this was in error)

the (+)accessories, well, they power up accessories. I would start probing those 2 wires making sure they act as accessories via remote start and also with a regular start.
this is most likely a case of needing to power an accessory at the IPDM. I'll try to get more info but without a physical car with us, this may be tuff.

Maybe this can help. Either Pin 43 or 56 at the IPDM


Everything is what it is. (2) Ign. and (2) acc.

Checks out. Any other ideas? My customer wants it pulled out if I can't make it work, and I don't know what else I can do.
Didn't see your picture until page just refreshed. I'll take a peak at it. Thanks.

Just test the wires before connecting anything and power accordingly (accessory or ignition).

  • SB = Light Blue or Soft Blue





ETA: Disregard. Found it. Just have to test it and see what I can come up with.
For anyone else that runs into this issue, here it is. The "soft blue" wire posted above, does infact turn the AC compressor on. It doesn't have power from either ign. or acc. as per the PTS, though. It powers up about 2-3 seconds after the car is started. I just hooked it up as a 2nd. ign. and it works with the R.S. now, which is all I wanted.


Thanks for the help, guys.
will ac work on a 2017 titan?

directed  tech says no- and ads/fortin solutions wont work either


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