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RF Kit (FTX64-2W) how to switch polarity and limit the output current to 750mA

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       Installation guide for FTX 64-2W says i need to connect to (-) igntion and starter with 750mA max output current, my vehicle has (+) ignition and starter. So, how do i invert the polarity and limit the output current to 750mA? If i need relay and resistor, then what value i need to use and how to connect them (a wiring diagram would help alot)?


      Installation guide for FTX 64-2W says (-) Lock/Armed does this "/" means or? and? ... Also, how  do i  limit the current this for signal to 750mA?


My vehicle information is 2012 Toyota Camry LE G type key (80 bit) key start.

asked May 19, 2015 in Toyota by Kuljit Dhanoya (260 points)

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Do you have the guide number you are looking at?


Are you using a T-harness?


Please take a look at guide number 18891 which should be the guide you are using for your vehicle and unit you are trying to install. Which shows you the (+) positive output wires that you need to connect to your ignition switch wires. You can find the guide here: http://ca.fortin.ca/download/22371/evo-one_camry_priusc_(2012-2014)_-_gkey.rev-20141017.pdf



answered May 19, 2015 by JM (61,780 points)
selected May 19, 2015 by Robert T
Yes I am using T harness, EVO one installed and programmed

    I already installed and programmed the EVO one using thar one toy 2 (http://fortin.ca/download/20281/evo-one_thar-toy2_toyota_camry_prius_g-key_(2012-2013).rev-20140925.pdf). Now, when i turn the key to on position i get yellow light on EVO One.

   When i try to program the remote transmitter (ftx 64 2w) "the step 2" led on EVO one stay yellow and does not flash. Note the remote antenna is already connected to EVO One blue port.

So do i need to make to make additional connection for (20 pin) secondary connector in order for 2 way remote to work  as mentioned on the ftx 64 2w installation guide (http://fortin.ca/download/28391/evo-one_ftx64-2w_quick_install_guide.rev-20150202.pdf)? If not, then why i can't program the 2 way remote?



Where do you see that the yellow led is supposed to flash? You should not be looking at the leds on the top of the Evo unit,   Only the red led on the side, right below  the yellow wire loop that needs to be cut.


Please follow the guide on how to program the remotes as shown here:

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Sorry i got it. Its working now, i dont have to do any other wiring. Awesome