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LEXUS 570 doesn't start.

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LEXUS 570 doesn't start when I press the lock button 3 times. Only ignition turns on for one second or less. But when fuse "DOME 1" is absent vehicle does start successfully. What can we do in this case?
asked May 10, 2015 in Lexus by Vladimir Samofal (130 points)

1 Answer

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The service number you provided is for your Flashlink Updater, we need the number on the bottom of the EVO unit you used.


What year vehicle is this?

answered May 11, 2015 by Rico (52,090 points)
hi did you solve the problem? you need in some vehicle to enable hybrid option even if its not hybrid and disable push to start. on 2008-2011 models you can desactivate oem remote start by removing a fuse located close to the bcm. for new one i only locate it close to the passanger seat side. did you find an easy way to desactivate the oem remote start?
Hi. The problem is solved after we've removed the RS system. It was been RS system from Toyota but installed aftermarket.
Glad to hear that. Which method did you use to remove the oem RS? We take usually 20 min to access the panel where is located . But it will be great if any shortcut for it like disable the fuse for new vehicles etc.....
It wasn't hard thing. Because this RS system haven't  been installed at the factory. It takes about 1,5 hour.

where is the location of remote starter can you help me i want to install the evo-all in my lexus lx570 2016 coz it comes with separate remote starter i have to remove the oem RS before I install the evo-all ?