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2010 TL PTS Error Message

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I have installed the EVO-ALL unit with a Prestige APS-57E in a 2010 TL Push-To-Start car. The system works perfectly fine, however upon remote starting the vehicle an error message stating "Service Keyless Starting System" is displayed. I was certain this was to just be ignored, as the starter shuts down when the door is opened, and upon restarting the message no longer displays. However my customer returned, showing that this message now displays even after this restart. The message does not display, however, if the starter is not used to start the vehicle first. I am certain the car is merely confused and there is nothing wrong with it. Is there some kind of change that needs to be made to eliminate this message?
asked May 8, 2015 in Acura by Tobey Payton (190 points)

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Can you provide us with the service number for your Evo-ALL so we can check over the options and firmware.


Also, the message during remote start is normal in this type of installation since the vehicle is looking for the oem key fob during remote start,  but should reset upon engine shutdown when driver's door is opened.


Have you seen this message come back on after restarting the vehicle yourself?
answered May 8, 2015 by Rico (54,260 points)
selected May 11, 2015 by Robb
001A06448849 is the number. I did see this in person but after testing it further I discovered that the issue may just be the vehicle itself. I tested the system and the message came on but noticed that for about 3 seconds after the system shut down the car, the message would stay on the drivers info center then disappear. If the starter was shut down via the door opening, and the driver were to quickly get in and start the vehicle within that short timeframe (which in a case where someone is in a hurry it is very possible to do), the message would remain on the display and continue on through that drive cycle. In any case where the time was allowed for the message to go away, it did not return upon the car being started with the fob normally. I verified this and informed the customer as well. I am positive this is just how it is, but if there is anything I can do to rectify this minor issue I am interested in hearing about it.
That was what I was thinking was happening, people don't seem to understand that there needs to be a little delay upon shutdown before you can start it again, and unfortunately since this is a no "take-over" type of install, they will need to be a little bit more patient and let the car reset first before starting it again.