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This post is aimed at the EVO-ALL alarm feature only, anything relating to the EVO-ONE alarm feature will be posted in another post (THIS ONE).

The EVO-ALARM feature is compatible on vehicles that we can monitor the vehicles door status through Can-Bus. On vehicles that we can also monitor the OEM remotes, this means you could control the EVO-ALL alarm from the factory remotes. The main reason we have added the EVO-ALARM feature is to add that much appreciated extra convenience of security in vehicles that do not have a factory alarm.

Since this is a firmware related feature, all current units you have in stock or have installed already can benefit from this! (this is also a prime example of why we have firmware updates).

Here are some possibilties of how or when you can integrate the EVO-ALARM feature.

  • When OEM Remote Monitoring is functional and 3x Lock Start / Stop is also compatible, activating the EVO-ALARM feature will allow you to control both remote starting your vehicle and arming / disarming the EVO-ALARM feature.
  • You can also use the EVO-ALARM feature in conjunction with any datalink compatible remote starter when using the EVO-ALL as the transponder bypass and Can-Bus integration module.
  • The EVO-ALARM feature can also be controlled via an RF-KIT when doing a Stand Slone Remote Starter installation with the EVO-ALL (basically exactly like #1 but controlled via aftermarket remotes).
  • Use the EVO-ALL as just a basic alarm controlled either via the OEM remotes (if the vehcile is compatible with OEM Remote Monitoring) or through an RF-KIT.


An important and often overlooked step, is that the EVO-ALARM feature has its own installation guide! You can find it here : Download Installation Guide This installation covers the basic connections required to have the EVO-ALL act as an alarm. Although there are three different diagrams, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME when it comes to the EVO-ALL connections. We only seperated into three diagrams to show that it can be used on it's own, with an RF-KIT or with a separate remote starter.


coming back to finish this at a later date....

for any infomation on the EVO-ALARM, please contact support or click the Ask a Question link above.

asked Apr 29, 2015 in FAQ by Robb (245,910 points)
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EVO-ALL I/O Configuration

The EVO-ALL inputs and outputs will be configured depending on which options you have set. There are three different configurations possible (yes I have 4 written but 2 of them are the same).

  1. Factory settings. No options selected; basic installation.
  2. Stand Alone Remote Starter enabled
  3. Datalink remote starter enabled (same as #2)
  4. EVO-ALARM enabled


The diagram below illustrates factory inputs and outputs on the main 20-pin connector.



Factory Setting

Stand Alone


Pin 2

answered May 5, 2015 by Robb (245,910 points)
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