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Viper 3305 with BMW E90

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I wonder if you heared of such a strange problem before?

i installed the 3305 in my E90 and all is working properly, except two strange things;

1. When i press the disarm button on the 3305 remote, normally the doors open, but sometimes the doors unlock then lock back again!! This happens randomly.


2. Another starnge thing happens; when i use the 3305 remote to unlock the doors, then get into the car, and take the car keyfob and move it to insert it into the key hole, the doors will lock by themselves!! The alarm does not arm, its just the doors that get locked.


any ideas?


by the way, the 3305 is installed in W2W mode. No remote start is installed.
asked Apr 9, 2015 in BMW by Mohammad Shabsough (280 points)

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sounds like maybe you are using the lock/unlock wires on the vehicle instead of lock/arm - unlock/disarm. Not sure though. Maybe it has to do with how the viper system works. This is not a fortin product related topic though. You may want to try this place : http://www.the12volt.com   This forum is used as a tech support tool regarding Fortin products.
answered Apr 10, 2015 by Robb (228,250 points)
selected Apr 13, 2015 by Mohammad Shabsough
Hi Robert,

Thanks for answering, but this question is for a Fortin related product. I'm afraid I wasn't clear in my question. The viper 3305 is installed with the Fortin Evo All in my car.

You see, I'm an electronics engineer, and I managed to install the viper alarm almost completely without any other accessories, however i got stuck with the doors open/close signals. I couldnt manage to interface the viper to the car alone, so i used the Evo All to facilitate and interface the viper to the car and i successfully managed to arm/close disarm/open the car using the viper and Evo all together.

The only problems i have are as described before in my previous question. They are irritating me as they occure randomly and I can't pin point the root cause...
Make sure that the BLUE and WHITE wires from the datalink are cut. By wire to wire I assume you do mean that the analog outputs/inputs of the EVO are connected straight to the analog inputs/outputs of the VIper.

You should be able to manually test the inputs and outputs of the EVO-ALL. Example, pulse ground to the purple or purple/white inputs of the EVO-ALL and see if the door locks Lock or Unlock properly.

What is the service number of the EVO-ALL?

Hi Robert,

Attached is the complete drawing of my setup. It works fine except of the two problems I originally mentioned. Let me know if there is anything needs to be modified.

14022138907907587409" style="width: 600px; height: 307px;">

looking at that quickly, remove anyting connected to the GWR wire from the EVO. That wire is an input used for remote starters to activate the EVO when it does transponder bypass. At the moment, with that wire grounded, your EVO is technically ON all the time (RED LED is most likely On), functioning differently, and causing a constant draw on the battery. You do not need the GWR wire for an alarm system.
Hi Robert, I have disconnected the ground wire and now the systems is operating normally without any issues. Seems your suggestion was spot on! Thank you for your support
Excellent! thanks for the update


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