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2007 Ram Cummins starter runs for 1-2 seconds after engine starts

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I have tried everything I can think of but can't solve this issue. Using chrt5 and install diagram c (I have no +starter wire) all updates are current. The starter stays engaged for too long. I don't want to break my starter or my flex plate. Please help.
asked Mar 26, 2015 in Dodge by NikBa47 (220 points)

2 Answers

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Can you confirm for me if the Green/Red in the 20 pin connector is connected to the Purple of the T-harness?

answered Mar 26, 2015 by Rico (52,090 points)
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I just inquired into this and:


This is normal if you are using the Evo ALL in standalone mode, the slight overcrank was added, after the issue of Ram diesels not cranking enough when COLD in standalone model.


if you want this not to happen the only options would be to ADD a separate remote starter to control crank time and turn off standalone option D1
answered Mar 26, 2015 by Rico (52,090 points)

That vehicle has been done thousands of times since it came out in 2007 NikBa47, and what Robert is suggesting makes sense, since you are having issues right now, and the only way to figure out what's happening especially in this case where we cannot physically see the vehicle and test wires ourselves is to have the client (you) run the tests for us.


What he is suggesting makes sense, if you can test the Ignition wire on the 5 pin connector at the end of the ignition switch on the vehicle (middle pin) we need to see 12v on that wire when you remote start the vehicle.


Also Robert telling you to try and hook up the MUX wire is to eliminate the chance that there is no mux wire present on the OEM connector for the immobilizer. connecting it at the IGNITION switch eliminates this possibility.


The vehicle is overcranking because the ignition may not be being powered correctly.

So, that said, test the ignition wire at the main ignition harness when remote starting. If there is no power there, at least try doing the ignition connection as per connection F. The vehicle ignition circuit may want to be powered from the ignition harness and not the Skim module.



Doing connection F will eliminate possible missing wires, just disregard the starter connection since you do not have this wire in your vehicle. The MUX wire connection is very important in your vehicle because that is the wire that sends the signals (varying voltages) to turn on ACC, CRANK, etc...



Alright then I guess I will have to make a video and post it to YouTube for you guys.
Ok guys here we go. On the end of the ignition is a 6 pin connector not a 5 pin. Within that 6 pin connector is: Pin 1-Ground, pin 2-Mux, pin 3-ignition 12v, pin 4-empty, pin 5-empty, pin 6-12v B+.

I wired this thing up using the w2w method guide 5061 ommiting the connection to pin D6 because I don't have + Starter wire. Still same thing.

I then wired up using guide 5051 Still with the exact same results.

Here are my current connections. These pin outs are from my factory service manual and they match the wiring in my vehicle.

12033900906046724124" style="width: 600px; height: 274px;">

Hey nick, at the moment i think your best solution for remote start would be to use a regular remote starter system along with the evo-all, and not use the evo-all as a stand alone remote starter. There's no way we will be able to find a 2007 ram locally any time soon to run some tests on (it would also have to be a ram that has an overcrank issue...it can actually be any vehicle from that generation). I'd love to just give you a beta firmware to test out but we need a car/truck for that.


You would still be able to remote start your vehicle with 3x lock since most remote starters have either an external trigger (physical connection), or can allow the EVO to communicate with it the 3x lock. Or, just go for regular aftermarket remotes, range is much better then what oem can ever offer.


Any low current or high current remote starter will do the trick. Cranking will then be controlled directly by the remote starter and not the evo-all.



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