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OEM car alarm is armed after shutdown of engine

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I know that the EVO-ALL is not supposed to be enabling a push-start button system - but i does a real good job despite.

After having unsuccessfully tried the EasyGo and EasyCar systems, finally the AdvancedKey system (the new AK-105B version) works great on my 2012 Camaro with your EVO-ALL providing most of the connections!

While the features work fine, including remote start and push2start button, I do haven one quirk that I hope to possibly be fixed by maybe changing a certain setting of the EVO module...

When shuting down the engine, the OEM alarm is armed. With the remote start, this makes sense - but when shutting the car down from RUN mode to OFF obviously, that is bad - forcing the driver to exit right away or use the OEM remote to disarm the OEM alarm.

Is there an option to prevent the triggering of the OEM Alarm on GWR termination somehow option-wise?


asked Mar 12, 2015 in Chevrolet by Hank Rath (310 points)

1 Answer

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My 2 cents of what i think is happening. When you start the vehicle via the Push-to-Start, it actually triggers the EVO-ALL to turn on until the car stopped. The EVO in this case thinks you are remote started, so once the car shuts down, it will re-arm.

Not sure how this would turn out, but you can try with the D2 option enabled.
answered Mar 12, 2015 by Robb (208,270 points)