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How do I get the evo one to communicate with the rf kit?

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I finally received the new replacement EVO-ONE unit. Updated the software and set the options. I installed it the car and it programmed good. But I am unable to get any response from it using the installed RF kit. The rf kit is an Omega Ultimate 30 EDP. The red led indicator on the rf antenna just blinks constantly. I went through the programming steps to get the evo one programmed to the rf kit but could not get a reaction when pushing the lock button on the remotes. I have the rf kits option set to RFLF and have tried having option 38 set to disable and enable control by OEM remote, but neither way has worked. Its like the evo one unit is not communicating with the rf kit. Is there an option that I need to have set a certain way that I am missing to get them to communicate?
asked Feb 24, 2015 in Toyota by Clifford Scott (220 points)

3 Answers

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Make sure that the RF kit is only enabled on the Remote starter side, and not the Bypass side.


And make sure that the RF kits antenna cable is connected to the BLUE antenna port, (between the White and big Blue port and NOT the Black port

answered Feb 24, 2015 by JM (61,720 points)
The RF option was turned on on the bypass side. I switched it off. I am connecting the rf cable to the blue port.
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Is the car automatic? If so, make sure you CUT that yellow loop in the back on of the module.


As for the RF kit, the only option you need enabled is RFLF in the remote starter options.


At the moment, the only thing i would change is in the BYPASS options. Turn OFF option B2. That should not be on.

Since programming on this car is super easy.

  • Master reset the unit, this will clear any options on the BYPASS side of the EVO-ONE back to default settings (which is what you want).
  • Reprogram the EVO-ONE to the vehicle.
  • Go back to the Flash-Link Manager and make sure that the FLRF option in the REMOTE STARTER OPTIONS is enabled.
  • Follow the programming procedure that pairs both EVO_ONE and RF Kit. (last steps of the RF-KIT setup guide) : EVO-ONE Audio & Omega




answered Feb 24, 2015 by Robert T (279,340 points)
The Excalibur series from Omega would work fine. That Ultimate series though, might work if it's flashed with the right firmware. We'll have to bring of those kits in to test them out.


The AX Rf-2 will work perfectly fine, just don't forget to turn off the FLRF option.
Ok, will be sure to turn the FLRF off. One more question. There is not an install guide for the Ax on the rf compatible page. Will I need to select the Fortin option under the rf kit, or will it be all automatic?

Supposed to be automatic, it's our remotes. The programming for the remote is on the first page of the quick install guide that came with the EVO-ONE (although there is about 10 diff guides depending on remote models and which distributor it came from).


Heres a link : https://fortin.ca/download/28371/ax-one_ftx44-2w_-_quick_install_guide.rev-20150202.pdf

where is the option to 

As for the RF kit, the only option you need enabled is RFLF in the remote starter options.

I dont see that anywhere in my remote start options using the latest firmware for my V2 Evo one with both the bypass and remote start options I habe been lookin for hours.  sad
When in Remote Start mode.


Click Configuration then Unit options.

Or simply press CTRL+O (the letter O)
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Also, on some Audiovox RF kits, you NEED to program the remotes to the ANTENNA, before you even try to program to the Evo One,  please check the install and programming guide of your RF kit.

answered Feb 24, 2015 by JM (61,720 points)
I had checked with the Omega tech at the start and he said the unit I have does not require the remotes to be programmed to the antenna.


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