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FAQ: How to program 3x Lock Start on the EVO-ONE

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Your best bet here is to follow the step-by-step guide available here : EVO-ONE & OEM Remotes

  • That guide covers basic option setting for 3x Lock Start on Automatic vehicles.
  • If your vehicle is Manual/Standard transmission, you will also have to enable option 33.2.
  • Flash-Link Updater REQUIRED

Quick Run down.

The EVO-ONE has two sets of options. There are options for the remote starter portion while there are also options for the bypass portion of the unit. The remote starter options are used mainly for convenience features such as enabling 3x lock start, alarm functions, cold timers etc... while the bypass options are there to set various DATA / Can-Bus features such as the all important OEM Remote Monitoring.


To toggle between remote starter and bypass options (and firmware updates) via the Flash-Link Manager, you must press the TOGGLE button in the flash-link manager program while the unit is disconnected. There is a text on the bottom right corner that will tell you if you are in Connection Mode : Bypass or Connection Mode : Remote Starter.


While Connection Mode : Remote Starter is active, go to the EVO-ONE Options tab and enable the following option(s).

  • Option 38.2 - Enable 3x Lock Start (this tells the remote starter that it will be controlled via the oem remote commands detected and then sent via the integrated bypass module)
  • Option 33.2 - Enable this option only if you have a manual transmission vehicle.
  • While here, if the vehicle specific install guide also mentions other required options, please set them now.
  • Don't forget to SAVE OPTIONS.


While Connection Mode : Bypass is active,

  • First, make sure you have selected and flashed the unit to the latest firmware for your vehicle. You will find the latest firmware under the EVO-ONE Updates tab.
  • Go to EVO-ONE Options
  • Scroll through the options and enable Option C1 - OEM Remote Monitoring (this option allows the bypass portion to actually monitor the oem remotes so that the previous 38.2 option can actually work).
  • Attention! Please leave all the A1-A11 options untouched unless told otherwise.
  • Don't forget to SAVE OPTIONS


asked Feb 23, 2015 in FAQ by Robert T (279,840 points)
reopened Mar 25, 2015 by Robert T

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