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How do I know when firmware updates are available without connecting my unit to the updater?

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Is there a way to know when new firmware releases are available? I now, at the moment, that the engine, temp., and door lock statuses (for example) are not enabled on the Evo-One & Smartstart. I was told that it would likely be a software update that would enable this feature in the future. Is a software fix in the plans and how will I know when/if it becomes available? Thanks.
asked Feb 11, 2015 in Kia by LaCorey Will (420 points)

1 Answer

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firmware updates are listed here : http://fortin.ca/en/products/evo-series/evo-one/firmware.html

Firmwares for the bypass side would be listed in the Hardware 2 section. Since you have a Kia, you'd have too look at the 76.XX firmwares.

 Firmwares for your EVO-ONE, would be under hardware 3.
An update for the statuses with SmartStart, when available, would most likely be under the Hardware 3+ updates isnce it's more remote starter related than it is bypass related. But.... there may be an update required also in the bypass firmware.
answered Feb 11, 2015 by Robb (207,390 points)