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Using Evo-All as a Stand alone on a 2007-2008 Altima

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I am installing an Evo-All into a 2008 Altima and using the OEM remote as the first choice for the install.

I understand from previous Q&A posts that the Evo-All can be used as a stand alone remote start in this model year but because it cannot detect the lock/unlock on the CAN BUS it will need to use a separate RF Kit or an Universal Trigger connected to the external input of the Evo-All.  

Also The Evo-All needs to detect the unlock pulse to allow key take over.  A suggestion was to see if pin 15 on the BCM tests negative with a press of the unlock of the factory remote to connect the unlock input of the Evo-All to that.  (Assuming that this pulses not only with the remote but also with a press of the door button)

For the questions.

If pin 37 on the BCM pulses negative with each remote lock press, could you just connect the Evo-All lock in wire to that pin to allow 3x remote start?

One of the optional connections is to have the Evo-All lock out connected to pin 37 on the BCM and the unlock out to pin 15 on the BCM.  Is it okay to have the Evo-All lock in and lock out connected to pin 37 and the unlock in and unlock out to pin 15 without causing problems.
asked Feb 9, 2015 in Nissan by Jim (680 points)

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You will need a RF kit in your vehicle to make it work, Pins 37 and 15 are inputs so that you can lock and unlock your vehicle using the RF kit remote control.


The Evo ALL does not get triggered by the Lock and Unlock  IN wires (purple and purple/white) to do 3xLock start
answered Feb 9, 2015 by Rico (54,330 points)
selected Feb 11, 2015 by Jim

The Q&A post http://fortin.ca/en/qa/22233/2008-altima-issue indicates that the Evo-All can use the Unlock IN to detect the unlock signal to allow key take over in place of monitoring the CAN. Is that information incorrect since you are indicationing that the Evo-All is not triggered by those wires?

That actually has to do with key take over when using a separate a remote starter not in datalink so that if the user unlocks with the aftermarket remotes, the vehicle stays running after entering the vehicle.


The 3x Lock feature of the EVO-ALL revolves around being able to detect the lock-unloc commands through the vehicles Can-Bus, only. Unfortunately, the 2007-2008 Altima/G35/G37 maybe more, do not have the OEM remote commands on the Can-Bus.


Where it gets tricky, is that even though the 3x Lock feature is not compatible, the EVO-ALL can still be used as a stand alone remote starter. You just need something else to trigger the EVO; such as an RF-KIT (plug in antenaa + remote kits). OR you can actual use something like the Axxess Trigger, to trigger the External Trigger input of the EVO-ALL when in stand alone remote starter mode.

Very good.  Much clearer now and thank you for your explanation.

One last follow up question.  I plan to use the Axxess Trigger to external trigger input of the Evo-All.  To use it as a stand alone remote starter in that case, how should the Evo-All be programmed?
Option D1 in the EVO converts the unit to a stand alone remote starter.

One thing to be aware of though, is that take over may not work and the vehicle will most likely shut down when opening a door.  unless you can find a way to also have that purple/white wire see an (-)unlock pulse when pressing unlock on the OEM remote.
Understood. Other than the default options of A1 to A11 ON, then  D1 ON keep C1 OFF and then ? D6 ON. Any other options to toggle.
Sounds good too me. Honestly though, factory remote range is kinda really short and you will most likely end wanting an RF-KIT.
I know but that is what was requested.  Thank you for all your help.