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I have a 07 G6 with an autostart as-2471tw-fm and an EVO-ALL installed w2w and the tach signal is hard wired to the car. The car will only remote start if either the bypass is reprogramed or the remote start & evo are unplugged and plugged back in. It will only start one time and then will fail to start after that. If I jump the gwr to groud and 12v to acc and ign and then drop 12v from acc the car starts. Just wondering if it is the start sequence of the remote start. When monitoring the remote start outputs the acc does drop but only for maybe have a second. Service # on the evo is 001A04076308. When the remote start is activated the light on the evo turns on so it is getting a gwr signal.
in Pontiac by Kris Kaminski (2.4k points)

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Well, on a better not, your test confirms the EVO is working properly and their is a timing problem from the remote starter.

We have seen lately a little timing bug.

  • Do not connect anything to the purple/white wire of the EVO. When a disarm signal is sent their before the (-)G-w-R, the EVO does not have time to properly do the transponder bypass.
  • If this works, I would recommend using datalink connections and programming the EVO to option 12 if you require the vehicle to unlock before start / relock after start

Here are some pointers,

  • Yellow wire of the EVO needs to be on Accessory, not ignition like all our other installations
  • If the green/white and green/red are reversed, the vehicle would not start
  • If accessory is being turned on at the same time as ignition, the vehicle will not start
  • If (-)G-w-R turns on at the same time as accessory, the vehicle may not start properly
by Robert T (274k points)
The accessory is coming on at the same time as the ignition. Am I better off to bypass the passlock with resistors?

The accessory is coming on at the same time as the ignition. Am I better off to bypass the passlock with resistors?

To my knowledge, the problem would still be there afterwards since your accessory comes on with ignition.

I've seen people power accessory with the (+) parking light output instead. The only downside of this, is that when you do lock or unlock the accessory turns on, BUT if you  are comfortable with relays, their may be a trick to power accessory using the parking light output ONLY when the remote starter wants to start the car.

Before doing anything else though, you may want to try this very simple test.

  • remove the accessory connection of the remote starter to the car.
  • remove the EVO yellow wire connection
  • connect yellow wire of EVO to remote starter accesory wire.

Next, I'd recommend contacting the manufacturer of the remote starter to see if they have any fixes for their problem.