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lock/trunk release

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2004 Buick Regal, evo-all service  # 001A06453856 firmware 4.06, Avital 4103 RS.

I decided to use the data-link so I changed the protocol on the evo and RS to D2D.

Everything works except lock and trunk release. When I press the unlock the doors

unlock the evo blue and the red led on the RS flash on then off. When I press the lock button the yellow led briefly flashes on and off then the red led flashes on and off, the RS led just blinks until I press the unlock button again. There is no response from pressing the trunk release, no lights nothing. After I updated the firmware other than changing the data-lick protocol to D2D I think I left everything else in there default settings.
asked Jan 27, 2015 in Buick by Mike Rogers (270 points)

1 Answer

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Firmware 4.06 has no options for changing datalink protocols. it didnt exist back then. If you want to use D2D with firmware 4.06, you actually need the 0.60 firmware. (the J1850 databus found in older GM/Chrysler vehicles is only compatible with firmware 4.06, nothing higher)


I'd recommend doing a master reset, flashing to 0.60, then reprogram the unit to the vehicle. Do not touch any options afterwards.

Master reset procedure....:

  1. Hold down programming button while plugging in datalink connector.
  2. Let go of button when LED is RED.
  3. Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate.
  4. Disconnect unit, she is now reset.
answered Jan 27, 2015 by Robert T (279,340 points)
flashing 0.60 firmware


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