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2012 Kia Sedona EVO-ALL will not activate factory security

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EVO-ALL with v. 4.18.  On a 2102 Kia Sedona.  The module seems to program normally.. .  I am in W2W mode. It is tied in to the CAN system and the unlock/lock wires from the remote start module.  I am not tied in to the vehicles lock/unlock wires.

The lights flash during programming to indicate the door locks and the brake/tach have gone correctly as well as the key bypass as the remote start seems to operate properly, except it leaves the headlights on after the programmed runtime expires....I don't know yet if the remote start or the bypass module is to blame for that one

Anyways my main problem:

If I use the factory fob the doors will lock, activate the security, and flash the indicators.

However when I lock the doors with the remote start fob (It is a code-alarm unit) it does lock the doors but fails to activate the factory security....5 minutes later the doors unlock by themselves.  I do not see any reason for this or a setting in the remote start manual that pertains to this (function)
asked Dec 2, 2013 in Kia by Ben Kibsey (300 points)

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Hi Ben,


The EVO is the one doing the Lock Unlock Arm Disarms. We'll have to do some tests though to get this problem resolved.


  1. with W2W make sure the Blue and White wires from the datalink connector are cut.
  2. On the purple and purple/white of the EVO, their should only be the Lock and Unlock of the remote starter connected there. Is this how its done?
  3. With the window open, lock the doors by sending a ground pulse to the purple wire of the EVO. Don't lock with the remote starter. Wait a minute or 5 to see if the factory alarm does get armed. The best way would be to manually unlock the door from the inside and then opening it.
answered Dec 3, 2013 by Robert T (284,540 points)
selected Jan 17, 2014 by Ben Kibsey
Why not check with a distributor for parts? The software itself is a free download on our website but the Flash-Link Updator itself is not.


I'd personallly recommend atleast getting yourself a Flash-Link Updator. With all the features that the EVO can currently do, you need this tool. And you would save on gas.


Here is the current distributor list.

Thank you I just sent an email off to the closest distributor.  I did download the software...does that allow me access to the firmware and programming as long as I have a flash-link updator?  I don't need a special dealer password or a paid subscription?


Sorry this discussion got way off topic now

You do not need to pay for anything else once you bought the Flash-Link nor do you need any type of special account with anyone.  It might take a few minutes or installs to get used to the software but once you get the hang of it you will see how simple it is.


Sorry this discussion got way off topic now

This will save you and others who might read this, future head aches. The Flash-Link is honestly an important tool to have. Even if its for a one time use. It's also a requirement for many newer vehicles in which the EVO would not work out of the box because of firmware updates and/or Options that might need to be turned on.

Thank You for the help
Your welcome