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Starter wire for 2010 Cobalt? ProStart-EVOall

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I can't find the starter wire in my 2010 Cobalt. The ProStart says to use the Fortin Bypass module, however I do not see how the EVOall connects to the starter of the car or even the BCM? Any help would be apreciated. Thanks
asked Jan 7, 2015 in Chevrolet by Carl Sweeney (130 points)

1 Answer

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GM new generation ignition harness has no starter wire. Vehicles start when accessory drops and passlock value is good. Connections required for remote start and evo-all are in the evo-all installation guide
answered Jan 7, 2015 by Robert T (280,360 points)
Thank you, so then i don't need to hook up the starter wire on my remote starter?

EVO-ALL & GM - Revision 20140123

Connection 1. You won't be using the start output form the remote starter.



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