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Evo One lights up YELLOW when I plug in 20 pin connection on bypass programming

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2014 Toyota 4Runner G Key using Toyota 1 T harness and Guide #18251

I'm performing the Key Bypass Programming Procedure and can get the Blue and Red light to come as instructed, but as soon I plug in the 20 pin connector the YELLOW light comes on and i can't get the bypass to program.  


asked Jan 6, 2015 in Toyota by Michael Rudy (190 points)

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Are you getting 12V on the yellow wire of that 20-pin connector while the key is off ?

If i look at some of your options, specifically bypass side, they are way off. Do a master reset and enable C1 afterwards without touching any other option.

Master Reset

  1. Hold down programming button while plugging in the datalink connector.
  2. Let go of button when LED is RED.
  3. Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate.
  4. Disconnect unit, she is now reset.
answered Jan 6, 2015 by Robert T (284,490 points)
selected Jan 12, 2015 by Michael Rudy

Haha...i hear ya. 

What shock sensor do you all recommend for the Evo One?  I've looked at the

Directed Electronics 504D Double Guard Stinger Shock Sensor

and the 

Metra AX-Shock...

Either shock sensor is fine.

For the 3x Lock, I just want to add that in future updates their may be a way to have 3x Lock start on vehicles like this, but it will be through a wired connection to the door lock motor.
Hi Robert-

The Evo One is working great everytime!!  Than k you all so much for all the help.  

I got the DEI 504D shock sensor and I'm not sure how/where to connect it.  The Evo One Quick install guide lists a 3 pin shock sensor input but the 504D comes with a 4 pin connector.  The 504D 4 pin connector cable looks like it wants to plug into the DataLink port on the Evo One....is that correct?  

Also, the 504D comes with a loose green wire that says it's for the (-) warn output....what should i connect it to?

Thanks as always!

The only Shock Sensor input on the EVO-ONE is the 3-pin connector on the front of the unit.

on the 504D, does it not have a 4-pin that plugs into itself and 3-pin on the other side?

Also, the 504D comes with a loose green wire that says it's for the (-) warn output....what should i connect it to?

Dual Stage shock sensors have a warn away and a full trigger output. Depending on the strength of impact (normally adjustable by little screws on the unit), it can trigger a warn away signal or full trigger. Difference would be that the warn away output would only trigger 2-3 quick chirps of an alarm system while a full trigger would trigger the alarm to sound. This is a DEI product though and I can't really speak for them.

The 504D has a white 4 pin connector that plugs into itself and another white 4 pin on the the other end.  They both fit perfectly into the Data Link port on the Evo One but are not even close to fitting in the 3 pin shock sensor port.