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how to reset key override-all Module

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First, I programmed this module to be use on my 13 Honda Ridgeline but then decided to use EVO ALL module instead, so I decided to reprogram the KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL module to my other car 2006 Toyota corolla and it did programmed worked good until my battery was disconnected for few days, it kept giving me the hood pin error, I took the module out of the car to try to reprogram it, but when I connected to the computer it is showing the programming from of my truck 2013 Honda ridgeline instead of the programming of the toyota and is not giving me the option to select the car for programming, Do you think that it looked or do I need to reset it to start all over again?

Thank you.
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asked Jan 6, 2015 in Toyota by Rafael Guzman (390 points)
closed Jan 6, 2015 by Rafael Guzman

2 Answers

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As far as the key-override-all in surprised you were able to reprogram it even that once. Everything I've seen says it cannot be reprogrammed
answered Jan 6, 2015 by Josh Ley (440 points)
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Theres no reset for that unit. Should also be programmable several times before it locks out. The KEY-OVERRIDE-SL2 though had a 1 car limi.

On the Key-override-all, it will not matter what vehicle is selected, it;s a one firmware system. Just update it to 4.06.

If you were getting a hood pin error, it has nothing to do with the Key-override-all.
answered Jan 6, 2015 by Robb (211,430 points)