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Installed INT-SL+, flashed to 3.06, would not program. Flashed to several other versions, still wouldn't program. Removed and installed EVO-ALL, firmware 4.06.

first issue: service theft system indicator lights up on the dash when using the remote start. It starts and runs normally when remote started, just the message is displayed in the vehicle information center.

second issue, RAP does not shut down after aborted remote start. Guide indicates that this function is compatible with given hardware/firmware.
in Pontiac by Josh Ley (500 points)

1 Answer

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When you insert key in barrel after remote start and do your takeover does the theft light stay on ?
by Josh Ley (85.2k points)
It's not the actual security light. It's a service theft system message in the information center (LCD screen on the dash). The security light turns on and then goes out after remote start. I think the message continues even after the key is inserted but I'm not 100% sure on that. It doesn't come on when the key is used to start the vehicle.

My primary issue is with the RAP, the radio continues to play after remote start abort.
Evo all rap shutdown bonneville