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Can I use an INT-SL+ on 2006 IS350 to control door unlock (-) pulse?

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Interested in knowing if I can use the INT-SL+ interface to control the (-) pulse for doorlock (unlock) control.

Using an EVO-ALL and remote start modules in the setup, and really don't see how I'm going to get a wire into the driver's door to unlock/disarm the car.
asked Jan 1, 2015 in Lexus by Bryan Higgins (570 points)

1 Answer

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Sure use this guide https://fortin.ca/download/4081/int-sl%2B_toyota_lexus_door_lock_interface.rev-20120403.pdf and make sure you flash your module to 0.17.

Doorlock data wire is listed on wire color.
answered Jan 2, 2015 by Bryan Higgins (85,190 points)
selected Jan 20, 2015 by Robert T
The file you showed there doesn't show compatibility with the 2006, only 2007 and up.  I have this installed now in the 2006 and it's not working.  Not sure why the 2006 would be any different from the '07--- all indicators I've seen suggest the same electrical archetecture.

Codes are probably different. Car is techinically the same though since mid 2005. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexus_IS

Make sure the INT-SL has firmware 0.17. other than that, start greasing your fingers since I believe wires for arm/disarm are in the driver door...

Ended up getting the INT-SL+ to work with the IS, in case you're looking for examples for the fitment guide.  Still had the diode installed from when I was prepping to connect directly to door lock (-) wire.