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2010 Corolla dot key EVO-ONE programmed but no response from factory remote

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Installed evo-one in 2010 toyota corolla with dot key. Module programmed ok but does not appear to receive command from factory remote 3X lock command to start. Do I have all the appropriate options turned on/off for the bypass/remote start? Is there something else I need to check?
asked Jan 1, 2015 in Toyota by Clifford Scott (220 points)

1 Answer

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Your vehicle is not listed to work with 3x lock I don't think it can detect the lock command from the factory remote. Does the blue light flash on your module when pressing lock on the factory remote ?

If not, you will need a seperate RF kit to start the car.
answered Jan 2, 2015 by Clifford Scott (85,190 points)
I am going to say no, it is not. I used the T harness and that is not one of the connections that is indicated that needs to be made. Its been a while since I did the actual install so will have to check for sure. Is this a required connection when using the RF Kit?
That brake connection will be needed, not only for remote programming but also for proper remote start operation and security. I don't see it in the guide either, it should be there and will be added on the next update.
Make sure your yellow wire in the 20 pin connector, is connected to the pink wire in the tharness.

If it's not, this is why your brake signal does not work.
Ok, hooked up the black wire to brake and was able to program the remotes. Thank you Robert T. I have another question though. The vehicle would crank but not start. So I checked the programming and found the module was not programmed correctly. I selected the correct options and it starts fine now. In the installation documentation, it said on some vehicles it may be necessary to unlock doors first to deactivate factory alarm and relock after starting to reactive factory alarm. So while I was programming, I went ahead and turned this option on in both the bypass and remote start. My question is this. When vehicle is started remotely, I am unable to unlock or lock the doors with the factory remote while it is under control of the remote start. To enter car if locked, I have to deactivate remote starter and then unlock doors with factory remote. Is this normal for this set up, or do I need to de-activate those unlock and relock options in the bypass and remote start?
Most vehicles the oem remotes do not work while the engine is running. This would also happen on remote start.

Your aftermarket remotes have lock-unlock buttons on them. Wire up the EVO lock-unlock outputs to the vehicle and you will be able to lock-unlock your doors freely with the aftermarket remotes.


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