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I have gone through the help section it will start with key in barrel.

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i have worked my way through the troubleshooting section i can get the car to start with the key in the barrel.  but will not start without the key in the barrel.
asked Dec 29, 2014 in Ford by William Fargo (250 points)

1 Answer

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Did you do the actual transponder programming procedure? There is 2 steps to the programming, the first part where it says to release on blue programs only the Can-Bus. The second part of programming says to release on Red, here it's doing actual transponder programming.
answered Dec 29, 2014 by Robert T (279,840 points)

True, an installation with Tharness on the 2012 is not listed as supported but it's working on your vehicle. The car only shutting when pulling the key out is directly related to the ignition staying powered while the key is still in the barrel. You need too isolate where the problem is coming from.


  • Does it also only shut off by taking the key out, if you are start it with the key, or does this happen only after remote start?
  • Are all accessories powered (radio, fan, heater etc... ) in the vehicle while it's running yet the key is off?
  • What lights on the EVO are turning off-on while the car is started and when you turn the key to off?
  • If you just insert the key, does ignition turn on?


Also, you can try this a few times.. Get the vehicle the point it does not shut off with the key and that you need pull the key out (but dont actually pull the key out)

  • disconnect the 20-pin connector of EVO and see if the car shut down
  • disconnect 6-pin red connector of the EVO and see if the car shut down
  • disconnect 5-pin white connector of the EVO and see if the car shut down
  • disconnect the 4-pin black connector of the EVO and see if the car shut down


As for the parking lights. The relay connections are all in the installation guide. EVO-ALL & THAR-FORD1 (T-Harness) & Ford Escape (2013) - with RF-KIT - Revision 20150121

On this vehicle yellow wire from the t-harness should be connected to the yellow wire of your evoall, the yellow/black wire is not used at all.
It doesn't matter if you start with remote starter or key the only the way to shut the engine down is by removing the key.

It does shut down all accessories just not the engine.

If you just insert the key it does not turn anything on.

I will have to get the car from my daughter to check the rest.

Sounds like the yellow and the yellow/black wires of the T-harness are connected togther honestly. The yellow is connected directly to ignition in the tharness while the yellow/black is connected to key-sense.
Thanks that has fixed the having to remove the key for the engine to shutoff the only remaining issue is the parking lights.  I have a tester that will test both positive and negative should the brown and white wire have current coming out?  I am not getting any lights on my tester it should be green if i test a negative wire.


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