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48hr activation expired

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I logged in to check out the **** now my time access code is no longer valid for that vehicle
asked Oct 19, 2013 in Wirecolor by Rick Kachur (210 points)
recategorized Nov 26, 2013 by Robb

1 Answer

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Hi Rick,

The single use tokens are only valid for 48 hrs. This is why you have timer on top of the page when unlocking a vehicle. It is recommended to save the info as a .pdf or printing the entire wirecolor for the vehicle.
answered Oct 21, 2013 by Robb (262,210 points)
selected Nov 19, 2013 by Robb
What vehicle was this for?
Is there a way to reactivate the code? I didn't realise there was a time window when I avivated the code and was far from ready to begin installation.
Once the code is entered it can not be re activated.