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2010 F150 Wiring

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I have the key over ride all, trying to wire it to 1010 f150 the red light comes on but never changes whewn I program it, maybe i have a wire wrong, using the excalibur rs 140 dp starter can you help me wire it all correctly very confusing instruction with both units
asked Dec 28, 2014 in Ford by Robert Morris (180 points)

1 Answer

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For the key-override-all, all you need is Rx, Tx and ignition connected to it (and power and ground the 4-pin black connector of the unit). To program the unit, you also 2 master keys, cloned keys will not allow the vehicle to enter programming.

The transponder connector will look something like this (may be different, but it's a 4 pin connector)

answered Dec 29, 2014 by Robb (211,430 points)
will the connector with the 2 pink and 2 white wires be used for anything?
no need for those on this type of installation. Remember that modules normally do more than one type of vehicle, so there will be all kinds of wires that will not be used from car to the next.
great I have it all wired up

butr I need help still, I cant find the correct wire on the 2010 ford f150 that gives a negative pulse with the key fob to activate the RS. the wire diagram on here says the yellow grey wire in the DKP near the door sill but that one does not trigger a negative pulse.. please help many hours into this and freezing cold and im ready to rip it all out and trash it

It will work when I tap the wire to the frame to get a negative pulse but this defeats having a "remote" start
Easiest is to grab the motor lock wire. Not many vehicles have a wire that triggers off the actually factory remote. The wire you mentionned in the DKP is most likely a trigger wire directly from the actual lock/unlock switch in the door.