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installed evo-one x and thar one on a 2006 altima

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When initial install, the lights cycle between red yellow blue as in the instructions but and extra stage of red and blue together appears. as in the instructions i stop on blue and conntiue connecting the harness. all other step are as per the instructions. after install i try to program the remotes the led flashes but when i push the lock no parking lights flash. the remotes will not program.
asked Dec 24, 2014 in Nissan by Doug Sage (140 points)

1 Answer

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What remote are you trying to program ? Is this a seperate RF KIT ?
answered Dec 24, 2014 by Doug Sage (85,190 points)
I am using factory remotes

I dont know wht firmware my unit has but i assume you should be able to tell by my serial #,
Your unit is currently flashed with a Honda firmware.

This is the bypass information of your EVO-ONE : https://fortin.ca/en/support/002b02010393/

This is the starter information of your EVO-ONE : https://fortin.ca/en/support/002b05010393/

Got a flash link and updated my firmware 72.14 and Altima 2006. No change to my results.

When I install the main harness (Thar-NIS2) performing the Key Bypass Programming Procedure the LED alternate blue / red / yellow / RED&BLUE / blue repeat. The red & Blue together is not indicated in the procedure is this indication of a fault.

I continue with the procedure stopping on blue, connect the remaining harnesses, turn the ignition on the blue light flashes and turn off the ignition.

Before I had the flash-link I attempted to confirm the remote starter option function: 32(mode 2) & 2 (mode 3) and noted the parking lights and horn would not chirp to confirm the desired channel. I don

Yes the red/blue stage is normal, it was added to support newer vehicles and not all guides have been updated.

When you press lock on the factory remote, does the blue light blink on the evo-one ? Your vehicle is not listed as 3x lock compatible I don't think oem remote is detected on canbus.
Horn honking is only from an aftermarket remote. Parking lights will flash but they need to be connected. As for OEM remote detection, the 2006 Altima is not listed as compatible with that feature, an RF-KIT is required.
Do you recomend a specific rf kit?
Any one listed here that has an EVO-ONE pdf attached will work fine. REally up to you from there since the styles of the remotes change.