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evo-one does not flashlink2

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each time i plug  evo-one on the flashlink udater 2, unit automatcly disconnects after a few seconds.   in remote start mode its ok( i can flash it ) but in bypass mode i cannot doe anything.  tried another module on my flashlink and it goes fine.  Is the evoall part of the evoone defective ?
asked Dec 22, 2014 in Bypass by yannick polasek (1,920 points)

1 Answer

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When toggling between bypass and remote start, the unit needs to be disconnected.
answered Dec 22, 2014 by Robb (245,310 points)
I know ! :)   I'm sending the unit back as defective. thanks.... i was just posting to see if there was some sort of master reset that could of been done without sending it back to you. thanks
I'd start by updating the flashlink updater firmware. Disconnect USB cable, go to Help -> FlashLink firmware update and follow on screen instruction.

seriously doubt the evo-one is defective. as Mathieu said, do updates of the actual flash-link firmware first. Don't just deem a unit defective.

Call tech support if you need assistance : 1-877-336-7797

im not i my first evo-one install... tried other evo and they work fine just this one does not work.  i do not deem the unit defective it just is.  all the firmware(flashlink2) are up to date and other units works fine so let me know if you have any other option... i would be more then happy to resolved this mystery without sending the unit in.. thanks