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FT-D100 + EVO-ONE pinout advice

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I'm using a 6-pin Compustar antenna going into the FT-D100, which then connects to the EVO-ONE.  Here is the connector going into the EVO-ONE:


Question 1:  Do I reverse the blue/white data wires?

Question 2:  Would you happen to know if the 2-pin connector (12v/ground) on the FT-D100 is required in when outputting to the EVO-ONE?

Thanks again!

asked Dec 19, 2014 in RF-Kits by MarkC (1,850 points)
recategorized Dec 29, 2014 by Robert T

1 Answer

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You need to reverse the blue and white.

Instructions can be found in this pdf : https://fortin.ca/download/20141/EVO-ALL%20RF-KIT%20FirsTech%20FT-D100.pdf
answered Dec 19, 2014 by Robert T (279,340 points)
Update #3:

Compustar PRIME (RF-2WG9-SP-CN) programmed fine with full 2-way functionality.
Grease Monkey was kind enough to inform me that I need to flash my FT-D100 (oops) so I'll give that a try and report back on the 901SS
Oh wow, great job guys!
Hi guys -- quick update.  I flashed my FT-D100 but there's still no luck getting the Compustar 901SS to program.

All the Compustar kits with the smaller plug (4-wire, direct into EVO-ONE) work fine though.

Little udpate to the udpates.

For the EVO-ONE, the adapter needed should say RFACOMPU for the 6-pin models.This is actually manufactured by Fortin. You can get your distibutor to contact us if they don't know about this piece.

The FTD100 is for the EVO-ALL. This is my fault, I misunderstood the adapters required.





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