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powering remote starter through datalink

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Does anyone have a list of the remote starters that can be powered via datalink?
asked Dec 19, 2014 in Remote Starters by Adam Pepin (10,150 points)

1 Answer

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Only time we use the power on the datalink is installations that the EVO is actually starting the vehicle and that the remote starter will not be pulling too much current, basically, not connected to positive parking lights an not powering things like acc, ign, and start.


There is no list of which vehicles we do this.
answered Dec 19, 2014 by Robb (232,460 points)
i'm asking if there is a list of remote starters that can be powered through the datalink?
Ohhhhhh, technically all remote starters will get powered through datalink. Ours do anyway.

I have seen some models (autostart) that you still need to connect one of the 2 power inputs (if it has 2). Some internal relays seemed to not be powered.

Best answer though will be from the actual remote start manufacturer. On a side note, they will all need an ignition input.