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INT-SL on 2002 Jeep Liberty, starts and dies

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Cannot program bypass to start and keep running without key.  Will start with key in or near key cylinder and will stay running when you move key completely away. No code after failed start attempts on Remote starter (basis 2 button Prostart).

Data Interface is INT-SL,  hardware Vr: 1, Firmware Vr: 3.01, Date 40-09. Installation guide that came with bypass is version 20120308. Download and used version Rev. J-28/01/2009 for programing

Wired for installation without data-link.

At step 6 of programing sequence, when key is turned to the ignition postion, LED goes out, but will not flash at step 7, no matter how long you wait.

Can you reset bypass or test for faulty?

Suggests? thanks Buddy
asked Nov 25, 2013 in Jeep by Buddy Williams (270 points)

1 Answer

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If the module is an INT-SL and not an INT-SL+, it will not work on that vehicle vehicle. It only starts coverage on the 2005 model. The INT-SL is an obselete product and we do not support it any longer.


The install guide you mentionned is for the INT-SL+

This is the install guide for the INT-SL:


When you get the product changed for the INT-SL+, make sure they sell you a model with the latest firmware, 3.06.

answered Nov 25, 2013 by Robert T (284,630 points)
Still start and shut off with a SL+